1. What is the most important concept you learned this semester? Explain the concept briefly and discuss why it is important.

For the longest time it has been a small number of people governing and having power over a large number of people. In history this vast population has allowed their government (a small group of people) to bully them, to oppress them, and force laws and regulations they don't agree with. In has happened again and again. I have always wondered why millions of people let one person or just a few people control them, its cause of fear. In the 21st century that fear is diminishing. With the internet, social networking, web 2.0, the world is getting smaller and smaller. People are able to say exactly what they want on any subject. They can let the world know exactly who their statement is coming from or they can remain anonymous. Companies and businesses are getting feedback and reviews on their products instantly, and those comments are available for everyone in the world to see. These type of comments determine whether someone buys that product or not and it is affecting the business on a widescale. These companies are now having to do even more than before to ensure that the consumers are getting what they want and what they will be happy with. Governments are even getting involved in the social networking scene. The President of the United States has his own website. Everything that is being discussed and decided upon in the government is posted. Opinions and comments are welcome and encouraged. They, the government, are having to listen to exactly what the people want. These things are becoming more and more common.

The people have the power now. With the help of web 2.0.

2. From all the new knowledge you gained in this class, choose 2 facts or ideas that make the biggest impression on you. Explain.

Well first and foremost we are what we learn, what we've been taught, and what we have grown up around. Who we are reflects all of these things. We are products of our environment. I have learned this further through my Global Leadership project on gender identity and just through this class in general. So ignorance breeds ingnorance. If we want to change the world we have to not only share our knowledge and ideas with our children, but share them with our friends, neighbors, strangers, the whole world. And we also must keep an open mind.

Eventhough the world in changing, it doesn't mean that we must forget everything we are moving away from- like the theatre (Shelby's project).

3. What 3 skills will you take from this class, and how will you use them in the future?

Well I will definitely continue to use Diigo, I already have used it for several other projects.
The search tools you have given us, such as the other places to search beside Google, and the easier way to search, as well as searching in websites from other countries.
Also I love TedTalks!
All of these things will come in handy in college, helping me find more reliable information as well as the information that I need. because everything i could possibly be interested in is out there its just a matter of finding it.

Also reading, posting, and subscribing to blogs. They are more important than I realized, and I am going to start to follow ones that talk about things I'm interested in. I may even possibly start a blog of my own, we shall see.

4. Look at **the 4 global competencies (objectives) for the course**. Which objective do you feel you developed to the greatest degree?
What did you learn about that objective, how did you learn it, and why does it matter in the world?

Recongize Perspectives. The others I am still developing and working on. But this one I think I have developed most. I realized how sheltered our lives are in the United States, and most of the information we receive is through our own news sources. We don't always, maybe even barely ever gert the real perspective of people outside of the country. They view the world completely differently than we do and I would like to experience that viewpoint as well as further learn about them. I have done some research on websites from other countries, not a whole lot, but some. And I plan to do more! Hopefully one day soon i will beable to hands on exerience and explore other countries and their view of their life and the world. It would be fascinating. Its important to recognize that all people view the world the same and the information you recieve from your local reporter or even a national reporter will be biased and not always accurate to what happens in other countries. This matters because i think that every person should know the truth, want to know the truth, and actively persue and fight for the real information and find out how people are feeling and thinking directly. I am not the only person that matters in the world. I want people to hear what i say. So its only fair that everyone else has the same opportunity to say exactly what they mean and actually be heard.

5. What does it mean to be a global leader in the 21st century?

I think that everyone shoudl be a global leader. Being a global leader is about fighting for a world where everyone matters and everyone is important, and everyone has the same chances at happiness, good health, and success. That means sharing knowledge with the world, getting others involved, encouraging the suppressed and oppresses to speak up and be heard. Encourage opinions and Global Collaboration.