Wednesday February 23rd 2011

NetGenEd Begins!
1. See where you are on the Team Matrix
2. Sign up to join the NetGenEd Project Ning
Please use ONLY your given name and first initial of your family name
3. Upload a photo of yourself (only if you have permission) or create an avatar (see list of options below)
4. Add everyone in our class, including Ms. Moorman, as a "friend" - this allows us to message each other
5. Join the ISA group
6. Write an "About Me" in the TEXT BOX on your "My Page"
7. Write a blog post greeting to the NetGenEd community - mention something about your research topics, and include hyperlinks - tag your blog post NetGenEd2011, ISA, and anything else that fits

Avatar Creation Tools

Clay Yourself
Portrait Avatar Maker
10 Sites for Playing with [or creating] Images of Yourself
Another list called "Make Fun of Yourself"
Still can't find one you like? Here's a huge list curated by the amazing Joyce Valenza

Thursday February 24th 2011

Four Corners Discussion

1. Participate in the grid discussion of the following statements:
  • Every student has a school-provided laptop.
  • There are no textbooks in the school - only free Internet resources are used for teaching and learning.
  • The school is entirely paperless.
  • All websites are unblocked at school for teachers and students alike.
  • Technology is used every day in every class.
  • Every student takes a separate technology course.
  • Students can choose to take online courses instead of F2F courses.

Move to quadrants of the room, based on your opinion about each scenario:
Good for schools/Good for students; Good for schools/Bad for students; Bad for schools/Good for students; Bad for schools/Bad for students

Tech In Ed Scenarios View more presentations from Honor Moorman.

Friday, February 25th 2011

Compare the views of Don Tapscott and Mark Bauerlein on the Net GenerationCreate a 3-column chart for note-taking and note-making
The headings of your chart should look like this
Don Tapscott's perspective
Mark Bauerlein's perspective
My responses to their argument/ My perspective

Here's Don Tapscott - the author of Grown Up Digital

Before you watch the second video - Do you remember what ubiquitous means?

See what Mark Bauerlein has to say - the author of The Dumbest Generation

Watch the following clips from Digital Nation: Learning
Virtual Education (4:35)
Diving In (2:53)
Carving Out Quiet (2:07)
Hey prof, i just txtd u my paper (4:00)
Reading More, Learning Less (4:15)

Monday, February 28th 2011

1. Watch the trailer for Digital Nation: life on the virtual frontierfrom PBS's Frontline

2. Learn a little about the making of the Digital Nation documentary
3. Take the Pre-viewing Poll: Use your Name and first initial of your last name- Where Do You Stand? Technology in our Schools
4. Take the Survey: What are your beliefs about technology in education?
5. Watch these three clips from Digital Nation: Learning (if you have extra time, you can watch any other clips that interest you)

Tuesday, March 1st 2011

ELA TAKS TEST-state mandated testing day

Wednesday, March 2nd 2011 and Thursday, March 3rd 2011

Beginning an online dialogue-if you have finished your comments-go to the NETGENEDNING and check for new friends-those who are working on the same topics.
Re-watch the clips from Digital Nation and craft a response in WORDPAD (because documents created in Word don't cut and paste well) to the following prompts and paste into the wiki beneath the appropriate prompt-you will need to digitally sign your name you do this by using four tildes (~) followed by your user name - cassiedallen cassiedallen Mar 2, 2011 to your comments and ensure that nobody else is editing at the same time on the wiki or your comments will not save.

1. Discuss: Can Google Change a School?Two years ago, this middle school was at risk of being shut down by the city.
Today it's a success story. What happened? Why was this successful? Do you think this would work at other schools?
Should all schools have students using Google docs, blogs, etc.?
The middle school in the Bronx is a clear example of Google changing a school. By introducing personal laptops and more technology-based learning the school was able to peak the students’ interests. Through Google Docs and Sites the teachers were able to come up with interesting new lesson plans that are also teaching kids how to use tools that will benefit them in their futures. While this is a great idea for schools, I don't think anything like this should be implemented without a strong technological support staff and extensive training for the teachers. It is also important to have a strong internet connection or else these tools will be useless and end up wasting time in class. - eadams2012 eadams2012 Mar 3, 2011

At Intermediate School 339 in Bronx, New York, the school went through a drastic change. The school was failing until the implementation of technology for the students. Each student was assigned a laptop, from this the students were able to become independent and perform assignments. The students are now able to navigate and share documents through Google Docs, they are able to see math applications through computer generated calculators, thanks to Texas Instruments. I believe this application of technology would drastically affect other schools, it would allow students to work with an ever-changing type of society due to the rapidly changing types of technology. The application of Google Docs at ISA, has affected me in a positive manner since I can collaborate on an assignment with fellow students from any location where I have access to a computer. Yes all students should have Google Docs because it is very easy to use, and is highly effective when it comes to collaboration amongst students. - cporra cporra Mar 3, 2011

The new technology introduced into the school helped in solving one of the main problems it faced, which was a lack of motivation or attention from the students. 21st century kids are attracted to any of kind of technology, and introducing it into the classroom made these students reinterested. It's not a comprehensive solution for struggling schools, but it does help in a way, so I would recommend it. Not to mention the money that it saves on paper. - zakz_isa zakz_isa Mar 3, 2011zakz_isa

Intermediate school 339 Bronx, New York, a middle school almost got shut down three years ago because the school wasn't up to date on teaching technology. There was a very difficult student population, there were many fights and it was a hard learning environment. But once they installed Google docs, and started using laptops, the school began to flourish and where once before only 9% of the student population was up to standards in math it soared to 67% of the student population meeting the standards. What we have here is a school that went from having no technology in the learning environment, to having laptops which provide endless education to the students. The laptops Give the students a medium to steer they're learning, and also gives the students real world skills. A couple of years ago the school's learning technology was out of date, and then they went digital. Which is good for learning, but at the same time it has it's challenges, the students play games and for fun. But the good heavily outweighs the bad in this situation.
The laptop monitors that keep an eye on what the students are doing online, this is a good thing, this means you can control what the students are doing on the internet. So when the students are on MySpace they can send them a message to get to work. But the school says that the laptops have helped focus the students, even though the internet can be distracting. Google Docs has been in the Intermediate school and our school ISA a great success. As a student using Google docs I say that it has improved the way I organize and also helps me keep track of my assignments. Google docs is very helpful i the fact that it is only and it is accessible at school, at home, on my mobile phone.
Since the introduction of laptops into the learning environment the students test score have risen, their grades have improved, and the school seems to be benefiting greatly overall from the technology. I don't see why other schools shouldn't use technology. Technology no matter how distracting can be used for learning. When you have a world of information at the touch of a button you can learn anything and there is no limitation to this information. Thsi is a good example of the internet/ google changing the world of learning. - prodigious92 prodigious92

Intermediat school 339 in Bronx, New York three years ago. The school had low test scores, low attendce rate, and constant fights. The Pincipal, Jason Levy, decided to provide technology to the students and use google applications. The students seem to benifit and enjoy the way the school is working now. One teacher stated, "you have to move with the time." Some students admited to doing other unefficient things, but always still do their work. It is good that nothing is blocked, but teachers has access to veiw their screens to monitor their progress and work. The closing statement was "the world has sped up in alot of ways, but education hasn't." Seeing how this idea has changed and saved one school at risk, I do believe it would benifit and help every school around the world. - vikkir_isa vikkir_isa Mar 3, 2011

In a failing school in New York a principal had an idea to try to change his school and improve the education of the students within. He wanted to invest in laptops for the class rooms to try to keep up-to-date with technology. He saw that his students were adjusting to all types of technology outside of school so why would the school be changing. Once he invested in the laptops he started to see a drastic improvement in the test scores of the students and more and more were understanding math in their grade level. After the lap tops he switched from chalk boards to white boards, then to smart boards to keep up with everything. With the use of all this, the students learned how to do many different things using googledocs and other websites that will help them throughout their life and into their career life. This was a great approach to a bad problem that worked out probably better than expected and would probably work at many other schools. Giving the student trust and better skills will help them get further in life and will show them all that is out there.
- mattk_isa mattk_isa Mar 3, 2011

The school in the Bronx got a modern update. They decided to test out the latest technology and let the students use it in school, I mean its not like they dont use this technology at home. This school was aved because it went from textbooks and chalkboards and kids with bad attitudes, to photobooth and online classwork and kids interested in doing the work because it on something that they are used to and it interest them because they know this environment of the internet. If all schools were able to use the technology that this school has and what we are currently trying to acheive, I think we as a techer student learning community as a whole could accomplish so much in school. The students would never have to save their work to the districts server and have problem workingwith it only here, we would save it online and work on it anywhere, yeah there would be some kids who would slack off and take advantage of the technology but I mean there is only so much that the staff can do and they cant make every student be good and perfect like they wish and hope, it is physicaly impossible sorry teachers. The staff can "spy" on the kids laptops and check to see what they are doing and if they are doing "wrong" then they have the right to pop them up and tell them to get to work. I think eventually after some time the kids will get the point that the technology at school is for educational purposes only and its here to help them grow in knowledge because the internet has more to offer us than a outdated beated up textbook from 1975.
- alyvic2011 alyvic2011 Mar 3, 2011

2. Where Do You Stand?: Technology in our Schools Choose one of the statements from the poll to discuss further . . .
Today, access to digital technology is as essential as oxygen.

Honestly, I think we live breathe eat and sleep with technology. Technology in our society is what makes us live, it gives us a purpose and makes us look forward to the future. My IPhone is on my person 24/7. I am always using , when i walk, when i eat, when I shower, when I sleep, all the time. How is this possible? well it's because either I am listening to my IPod, texting, calling, Facebook-ing, looking up news and current events, wikipedia-ing someone's name, checking my Tumblr, whatever, it's always in use. And without that, I honestly would feel kinda empty, because I would feel so out of the loop and behind and lost and like how a person feels when they get out of a coma, i presume, because they are lost and trying to figure out what is going on in this world because they have beeen out of the loop for so long. Technology is our oxygen, there is not stopping it.
- alyvic2011 alyvic2011 Mar 3, 2011

It is the teachers, not the technology, that make school improvement possible.

I believe this statement is both correct and false at the same time. In the case of Intermediate School 339, the technology was introduced to the students which allowed for a new type of collaboration amongst the students enrolled at the school. This introduction was a source of good improvement for that specifical school, yet without the teachers the technology would merely be a tool that would be hard to understand. Therefore the teachers adaptation to the new technology such as Google Docs, is just as beneficial as the technology itself. - cporra cporra Mar 3, 2011

For teens, laptops in school are just another technology toy.
Technology can transform failing schools.

It's not feasible for schools to constantly monitor kids' use of online technologies.

I don't think it is possible to monitor the student’s online uses of technology. There are too many students to be able to efficiently monitor them and keep them from doing distracting things online. There is always going to be that one student who finds his/her way around the blocked sites and does things that might or might not be appropriate at school online. There are new sites every day, new proxies every day, new ways to get around the system every day, it's just not possible to control every single student by just monitoring them. user : prodigious92

Most teachers can make effective use of laptops and new technologies for learning.
As new generations of teachers come in I believe the transition into the use of new technologies for education will be a lot smoother. This is mostly because these younger generations have a better grasp on technology and are usually more open minded to these tools. A prime example of this is this 21st Century Global Leadership class. Almost every day we get out laptops, watch videos, and collaborate on places like the wiki. I have learned many new online tools through this class like Diigo and Wikispaces which will both be very useful throughout my educational career. - eadams2012 eadams2012 Mar 3, 2011
Most teachers can make effective use of laptops and new technologies for learning.
It was just shown that the use of laptops in classrooms can make a huge difference too many students and can transform a school for the better. This school went from having an extremely low math level in students and failing test scores to being an exceptional school, and this was all made possible by the investment of one newer technology.
- mattk_isa mattk_isa Mar 3, 2011
The use of monitoring software on school laptops is an unethical type of spying.

Monitoring students in school is pefectly ethical.Teachers have always monitored students in schools to make sure they're on task, and that's fine. However, if the laptops are ones that the students bring home to use as well, then I take an entirely different stance. Bringing the watchful eye of the teacher into the home is a little too Orwellian. - zakz_isa zakz_isa Mar 3, 2011zakz_isa

I do not agree with this statement at all. It goes along with the whole Suprem Court case about the girl who had her purse looked through by the principal without permision. The court ruled in favor of the school over the girl because our rights are limited at school. It may sound unfair, but in all reality it is what's best for everyone. Teachers should be able to monitor our computer usage just like they should be able to search our belongings. It is for our own saftey and wlfare that the monitor us. - vikkir_isa vikkir_isa Mar 3, 2011

3. Discuss: What Are the Obstacles?

What are the obstacles teachers face in using technology in the classroom?
See other people's responses and consider posting your own at //What Are the Obstacles//

Many people would argue that the main obstacle is students using the technology as a distraction, but really, don't students do this already? The ones who are using Facebook while the teacher is talking would just zone out anyway. Instead, teachers should focus on giving lessons that grab the interest of students. I think most of us can manage multitasking in class. - zakz_isa zakz_isa Mar 3, 2011zakz_isa

Obtacles teachers could potentially face in use of technology in their classrooms are their own knowledge of the technology, and their students' focus and drive to do work. A teacher could be faced with issues if they are not fully informed of how technology works. Teachers in most cases are of an older age and generally speaking, they did not grow up with the access and knowledge of today's technological advances. The other problem would be the way they would monitor their students. All schools won't have the technology like intermeadiate school 339 and be able to physically sit at a desk on the other side of the school and see what is going on within their students' laptops. - vikkir_isa vikkir_isa Mar 3, 2011

One of the biggest obstacles teachers face is the fact that students will go play games and listen to music instead of doing all their work. Keeping the students on task and keeping them from hacking their way onto banned/blocked sights that we ultimately get on anyways. I believe this is why they have developed these monitoring technologies that some schools are already using.- mattk_isa mattk_isa Mar 3, 2011

Friday, March 4th 2011

Learning in Virtual Worlds

What Games Teach

1. Watch What Games Teach video with James Paul Gee

You'll need Flash 9 or better to view this video file. Download it now

Where Do You Stand? Games That Teach

2. Take the Poll: Where Do You Stand? Games That Teach

Quiz: Games People Play

3. Take the Quiz: Games People Play

Online Discussion: Games That Teach

4. Go to our Digital Nation - Learning page to comment on What Games Teach and at least one item from the poll
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Compose in Notepad or Wordpad, then copy and past into the wiki. Try to only be in the edit mode for a few seconds at a time.

If you have time left at the end of the period, explore other materials on the Learning: how to educate children for the digital agepages of the Digital Nation website and add to the Interesting Ideas and Questions & Comments sections of the Digital Nation - Learning page