Thursday, Jan. 23rd-Friday, Jan. 31st

Today you will begin researching some of the most cutting edge technologies available and describe how those technologies will change the way we live and interact in the world.
You and your partner will be responsible for producing 2 products on your topic:
1. A google doc shared here that serves as a brainstorming and resource space (saving important sites and article url's)
2. A minimum of 4 slides/maximum of 5 slides to the following shared google slideshow that address and includes the following about your topic:
a) title slide and description of your technology (what it is)
b) images of your technology (in use, and still)
c) description of what your technology can do (uses for)
d) ways the technology will change the way we live and interact with the world
e) potential uses in education of the technology]
f) your topic in the news (controversial uses and potential abuses)
g) a works cited page (title of website & URL)

Today's class (Thursday) will be spent researching the options and ranking your first, second, and third choice for the topic that interests you most. Because we are giving you a whole class period please take the time to read about each topic (we encourage you to go outside of wikipedia once you have a foundation for what you are looking for) and potentially watch or view an informational video or slideshow about it. Based on your preference choices you make today we will put you in research teams tomorrow (Friday).
Wednesday you will build your slides into the class presentation (linked above) and Thursday and Friday of this week (Jan. 30 and Jan.31st) we will present our topics to the class.

Here are the potential topics for research: (if you have another relevant topic to add, don't be shy!)
3-D Printing-Allison, Emily
Augmented Reality-Sage, Mat
Wearable Technology-Jaclyn, Sydney
Learning Analytics-
Internet of Things-Chelsea, Rebekah
Artificial Intelligence-Morgan, Annalise
Gesture-Based Computing-Nicole, Daniel
Health Informatics-Yasmin
Smart Phones (new innovations, not your mama's iphone)-Mehron, Gabe

Presentation Follow Up
Emerging Technology Pro and Con Database