Tuesday, Sept. 14

The Flat Classroom Project is beginning!
Juniors taking PSAT pre-test today

You Have 5 Tasks Today

1. Sign up for the Flat Classroom Project Ning
2. Read about The World is Flatby Thomas FriedmanThink about which of the "flatteners" are most interesting you.
3. Read more about the various flatteners on the FCP 10-3A Wiki - see the Topics Page
4. Fill out your choice slip for the three "flatteners" you would most like to research for the project
Note: Each student in our class will need to research a different "flattener"
5. Fill out your choice slip for the "senses" you are most interesting in using for your video project
See the "Types of Videos" on the Topics Page and A Whole New Mindby Daniel Pink

Wednesday, Sept. 15

Finish signing up for the Flat Classroom Project Ning
Determine which topic each student will research
Assign students to teams on the Team Grid

Thursday, Sept. 16

Process Check

Are we all using tabbed browsing?
Please make it a habit to keep the lesson page of our 21cGL wiki open during the whole class period.
You can even add details to the instructions to help each other out!

To Do List

1. Request to join the Flat Classroom Projects Wiki
2. Join the ISA Group on the Flat Classroom Ning
3. Write an "About Me" paragraph on your profile page "My Page" on the FCP Ning (include hyperlinks)
4. Write a blog post introducing yourself to the Flat Classroom Community (include hyperlinks)
5. Tag your blog post with: ISA, "FCP 10-3" and any other key words (such as your research topic) as appropriate
6. Add a status update to the FCP Ning
7. Start or contribute to a discussion in the ISA Group or to the general Student Discussions

Friday, Sept. 17

To Do List

1. Join the FCP 10-3A Wiki
2. Find the Topic page for your group
Read over the outline to see what you and all the other students researching that particular "flattener" are going to be filling in together
3. List your name and link to your ning profile at the bottom of the Topic page under "Team Members"
4. Find the Group page for your team (for example, 1A, 2B, 3C, etc.)
Read over the outline to see what you and the other 4 or 5 students in your team are going to be creating together
5. Check out the last two Flat Classroom Projects (FCP 10-1 and FCP 10-2) - look at what the team for your same topic group created and begin to think of ways you can build on and add to their work
6. Check-in: ask questions and brainstorm together - what do we need to learn how to do in order to be successful in this project?
7. Announcement about conference presentations

Student Team Assignments

Hamed - Connecting the World Online (1B)
Connor - World Wide Web (2C)
Haley - Workflow Software (3F)
Chris G - Uploading: Changing Shape of Info (4A)
Keely - Web 2.0 (5D)
Chris P - Globalization & Outsourcing (6E)
Tori - PLEs & Social Networking (8A)
Narda - Mobile & Ubiquitous (9A)
Kevin - Virtual Communication (10A)
Liz - Wireless Connectivity (11F)

Monday, Sept. 20

Vocabulary Check

What language does the word "wiki" come from? What does it literally mean?
What language does the word "ning" come from? What does it mean?

Triple Check the Ning

Step One

Read about Citing Personal Information on the Flat Classroom Projects Help Wiki
Check your Ning profile ("My Page") and remove your last name if needed.
  1. Edit the banner at the top
  2. Click "Settings"-->"Profile" and change your Full Name
  3. Click "My Page" and change your Address
Note: If you change your profile name, it changes the URL for your profile page, so now you need to correct the hyperlink you made on your Topic page on the FCP 10-3A Wiki

Step Two

Learn about the rest of your settings and controls on the FCP Ning
You have a friend request from Ms. Moorman - that's so she can email you through the ning.
Please "friend" all your ISA classmates - the easiest way to find them is via the ISA group - click "View all" under Members.
Check your Ning Privacy Settings - leave your Visibility viewable by anyone; change your Moderation and Latest Activity settings if you wish.
Check your Email Settings and adjust to your preferences.

Step Three

Check the profile page of the person sitting on your right.
  • Does s/he have an "About Me" paragraph? (This should be in the Text Box, not a Blog Post.)
  • Does s/he have at least one Blog Post? Is it tagged with ISA and other relevant keywords?
  • Has s/he started or participated in at least one Discussion?
  • Has s/he posted at least one status update?
Add a friendly reminder about any missing items as a comment to your classmate's wall.
Once you've completed your missing tasks, you can delete the comment from your wall :)

Tuesday, Sept. 21

Daily Check-In

Do you have any new teammates? Check the Team Grid
Has anyone left you a comment or sent you a message? Check the FCP Ning
Where are the links? Practice using the "1st Period FCP Resources" (left sidebar of every page)

Google Docs

Sign in to your ISA Google account (link to sign in page off the ISA website or memorize the URL)
Create a new document
Share your doc to your partner

Research Topic Background

Watch Thomas Friedman's MIT Keynote: The World is Flat 3.0 (4:25-37:00)
Take notes with your partner in your shared Google Doc

Wednesday, Sept. 22

Part One

Have you checked the Ning today?
Do you have any new teammates? Look on your topic page on the wiki.

Part Two

Finish watching a few more minutes of Friedman's talk
Continue taking notes with your partner in your Google Doc
Create a group in your Contacts for this class; include Ms. Moorman: hmoorm(at)neisd(dot)net
Share your notes to the class - decide whether you want us to be able to edit or just view

Part Three - It's Up To You

Make sure you have completed all the checklists from last week
Watch Friedman's original MIT talk about The World is Flat (if you fast forward through the opening, you'll find different examples from the ones we heard in the heard in the 2008 talk; his discussion of the flatteners begins about 19 min in)

Thursday, Sept. 23

Vocabulary Review

What language does the word "wiki" come from? What does it mean?
What language does the word "ning" come from? What does it mean?


Go to your individual topic page on the FCP 10-3A Wiki
Check your link to your Ning profile
If your link is broken, please fix it!
If your link works, please add something to the Ning (comment on a discussion or blog post, etc.)

Topic Research

Gain background information on your research topic by reading selected excerpts from The World is Flat
As you read the selection that relates to your research topic you should have 4 things open on your computer
  1. Today's lesson plan (this page)
  2. The overall "Topics" page on the FCP 10-3A Wiki (scroll/jump down to the Topic Overview for your Group)
  3. Your individual topic page
  4. FCP 10-3 Research Spreadsheet (in to your ISA Google Docs)

Strategies for Reading

Follow these tips to help you understanding your selection from The World is Flat
  • Stop and talk to your partner(s) if you have one (or Ms. Moorman) about what you're reading
  • Use your computer to look up unfamiliar words and names of things
    • (For words, use the Google search query "define:thewordyouwantdefined")
    • (For names of companies, etc. try Wikipedia)
  • Use sticky notes to mark important ideas you might want to re-read
  • When you have a question about something, record it on the spreadsheet as one of your possible research questions
  • When you notice a word or phrase that seems to be important in terms of your topic, record it on the spreadsheet as one of your possible keywords/phrases

Friday, Sept. 24

Finish reading your excerpt from The World is Flat
Be sure you have 3 or more good research questions and plenty of keywords for your research
Begin planning our introductory video