Monday, March 3rd

GL 2014 Handshake Video
Checking in
On what you know. Students share out to the class about their topic and impact group.
On the Flat Connections Ning
Looking into the future
Where the project is headed next and what will be expected of you.

Tuesday, March 4th

Fill out this questionnaire for Mr. Flieger's class

Looking at the Horizon Report pages 32-33 "Keeping Education Relevant" and then discuss as a class.

Wednesday, March 5th

Books and writers are still relevant!
Profiling influential/inspirational texts on the project
Who are they and what does their work have to do with this project and how does their book relate to your assigned topic and sub-topic? How might the text inform our work on this project? Put your brief profile and summary of the book in the following spreadsheet as well as your response to the questions listed above.
  • Yong Zhao, World Class Learners
  • David Price, Open
  • Thomas Friedman, The World is Flat
  • Tony Wagner, Creating Innovators
  • Dan Pink, A Whole New Mind
  • Don Tapscott, Growing Up Digital

Presenting what we learned about these authors and their work

Thursday, March 6th

Finish discussing authors and texts
and add content to Ning-respond to individuals in your team
Add Audio or Video commentary on the Ning

Friday, March 7th

Write an entry in the Flat Connections Ning that tells team-mates:
1) What you learned about the book you profiled and how it relates to the project Be sure to include title of book and author.
2) What you will be doing on spring break (school appropriate)

Be sure to respond to any comments or requests in the Ning

Monday, March 17th

Keynote speaker and book
Looking more closely at OPEN
Flat Connections Keynote
Checking out the FCGP Wiki
Create a Wikispaces account.

Tuesday, March 18th

Discussing the Keynote speaker and main message
Formulating some response prompts
Responding to Keynote (concepts and ideas) on the FCP Ning

Join your team group on the NING
Title your blog post: Response to the Keynote:Open
The concepts and the idea of the Internet making everything more "OPEN"....

Wednesday, March 19th

Part I: Finish posting the OPEN keynote blog response (this is for a grade)
Part II: Watch these videos on posting and editing the wiki and using Diigo (these are two platforms we will use)
Part III: Once you have completed part I and II please bring your chromebook over to me and let me walk you through setting up a wikispaces account and joining the Flat Connections Wiki page :)
Part IV: Take a look at the FCP Wiki-in particular take a look at what work has or has NOT been done on your particular team page.

Thursday, March 20th

You are now all officially members of the Wiki page so go to the FCP Wiki page and sign in
Then be sure to FIRST look over your team page on the WIKI
And then when you feel ready sign yourself up for a role on the team
Remember to put 4~ - cassiedallen cassiedallen Mar 20, 2014 after you edit ANYTHING on the Wiki-which is like your signature and timestamp

Friday, March 21st

Everyone shares out their role on their team page-to the class (Ms. Allen will pull up on screen)
Today you should read the Overview page for your topic and:
Edit any major grammatical or syntax based issues in the text and
Add text (research laden) to the Overview page
At 11:15 we will stop class to check in with each member on what they contributed to the wiki for the day.

Monday, March 24th & Tuesday, March 25th

Look back at your own research from this class-what did you already find that you should share or use on your wikipage?

See what progress has happened on your
FCP Wiki page this week

Begin your duties for your wikipage topic: This is based on your chosen role-START your role duties..

Wednesday, March 26th & Thursday, March 27th

Individual meetings with Flieger and Allen-where are you at? what have you contributed? what do you plan to contribute?

Friday, March 28th

What are we seeing on the Wiki? What is happening that is positive/negative?
Everyone adds to their Wiki resources page-modified annotated bibliography