Monday, Jan. 6th

Choose the word that best answers the prompt for you and be able to explain your reasons.

The Internet is the world's greatest....__because


Watch and discuss Did you know 2.0 Shift Happens

Tuesday, Jan. 7th
Watch and discuss: Did you know 3.0

Are we really harnessing the power of the internet for everything it could be?
The Battle for Power on the Internet
The 4 A's Protocol: Agree with, Argue with, Assumption of, and Aspiration to

Follow up from Did you know 2.0
The One Laptop Per Child Initiative
The Critique of the One Laptop Per Child Initiative

Wednesday, Jan. 8th-Friday, Jan. 10th

Meet in Mr. Flieger's room, 111.
Find 1 article that agrees with the position you took on the internet on Monday. Please don't use the same article as another member of the class.
Save the article in this spreadsheet and be ready to discuss your article with the class on Monday, Jan. 13th.

Monday, Jan. 13th

Finish our discussion of The Battle for Power on the Internet
4 A's Protocol

Tuesday, Jan. 14th
Clay Shirky
As you watch-make a note of
1)the most interesting point he makes,
2)be able to describe his outlook on the internet (do you disagree or agree)
Ted Talk 1
Ted Talk 2

Wednesday, Jan. 15th

Where did the article have it right? Where did the article have it wrong? What's wrong with being so optimistic about the internet?
Time Person of the Year 2006
Time Person Cover 2006

Thursday, Jan. 16th & Friday, Jan. 17th

Watch Us Now and fill out the note taking sheet.

Tuesday, Jan. 21st

Debrief Us Now

Wednesday, Jan. 22nd

Watch the Machine is Using Us then in pairs respond to the following prompts:

The internet has the opportunity to make our lives better."
List of Pros (agreements)
List of Cons (disagreements)

"People are now a bigger part of the process"
List of Pros/Cons

"The world could be run better by citizens than by governments"
List of Pros/Cons

How can the internet make life, data, learning, teaching, schools better...?
The Machine is Us/ing Us