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1. What is the most important concept you learned this semester? Explain the concept briefly and discuss why it is important.

I found this class to be very useful and rewarding. Being a child of the digital age, I’ve grown up with technology, but that doesn’t exactly mean that I’m familiar with a structured way to compile my information and a constructive way to work my way around the internet. So the first couple of days into this course, after we’d chosen our topics. I found learning about the research process to be a great help. Using Google to begin your search is the most popular and easy way to begin. However, for me I find it to be daunting. I never knew how to narrow my search properly and always ended up with thousands of search opportunities to weed through. The aspect of this class that I will carry with me for the reset of my life is the ability to strategically research on the internet. I don’t think that this new found knowledge is so crucial, because I will continue to use it for the rest of my life. Even outside of the classroom setting, I’ll need to be able to quickly and efficiently research on the internet.

2. From all the new knowledge you gained in this class, choose 2 facts or ideas that make the biggest impression on you. Explain.

The idea that information share can be so widespread and seemingly unregulated. It seems refreshing that such truly unbiased, untouched information can be born with just a simple click of a button. However, it as also frightening, because the internet can be used for equally as much harm and evil as it is used for good. With such an easy way to access information, just as many rights can be violated on the internet as in real life such as copy write laws.
Another aspect of this class that I found to be compelling is that nothing on the web is ever completely gone. Nothing can be destroyed. Once you post something embarrassing, happy, or traumatic traces of it will always continue to be found on the internet.

3. What 3 skills will you take from this class, and how will you use them in the future?

• Refined internet researching skills
• Internet etiquette
• An understanding that the internet is so much bigger then I am and it should be seen in a serious light, just as much as a place for recreation

4. Look at the 4 global competencies (objectives) for the course. Which objective do you feel you developed to the greatest degree?
What did you learn about that objective, how did you learn it, and why does it matter in the world?

I think I developed most in the Communicating Ideas objective. Although, I’d had a pretty basic understanding that it was possible to share information across borders, it wasn’t until this class that I learned exactly how fluid and easy it was. Information can be shared in so many ways that continue to grow and multiply every single day. Now after you wake up in the morning you can tell the world how you feel and what you think through; social networking, blogging, twitter, myspace, e-mail and a myriad of other mediums. This matters a great deal in the world, because now everyone can have a say in every matter no matter what their position or rank. Having a voice has been amplified to an unimaginable degree fifty years ago.

5. What does it mean to be a global leader in the 21st century?

I think being a global leader in the 21st century, is easier then ever. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are millions of ways to be proactive and have your opinions shared on the web. With easy access to the internet, I think it is imperative that everyone become their own global leader, you owe it to yourself. I think that sharing your opinion with the world or even you’re your small community is comparable to voting. If you have an issue great or small share it, resolve it, but most importantly advocate it through whatever technological means necessary.

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