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Our Final Review

1. What is the most important concept you learned this semester? Explain the concept briefly and discuss why it is important.
The most important concept I learned this semester from this class is being a leader over the Internet and taking a different view on the world. I want to be a leader and share my new knowledge to the world.

2. From all the new knowledge you gained in this class, choose 2 facts or ideas that make the biggest impression on you. Explain.
I think the two facts that I learned from this class this semester is that we're part of a new generation, NetGen, and that all we do now is using technology to further our projects and in a way be a bigger community. We communicate throught the internet with other people from different countries who share the same interest as we do.
The second fact that i've learned this semester is sharing our knowledge to the world with different ideas and different ways of showing it. We went through the process of learning different ways we can put our knowledge out on the internet. We discussed the different ways that people could see our information and we made it known through our projects.

3. What 3 skills will you take from this class, and how will you use them in the future?
One skill I will take with me is using different websites like Diigo, wikispaces, etc to find different information sources and to inhance my work cited pages. Second skill I will take with me is using Google in a different way to inhance my search. Third skill I will take with me is hyperlinking my things now, for common courtesy.

4. Look at the 4 global competencies (objectives) for the course. Which objective do you feel you developed to the greatest degree?
What did you learn about that objective, how did you learn it, and why does it matter in the world?
I think the one i've developed the most was the first one, Investigate the world , because i've learned more of how to use different media sources and not just Google. I learned how to delvelop an argument and it was all because i took this class. It matters because how am i ever going to learn about anything if i just stick to google and not broaden my search?

5. What does it mean to be a global leader in the 21st century?

It means to be an example of a bigger community through the things we have done all semester. It means to communicate over the world about a topic and have a deep and meaning full conversation about something that is important.