The World is Flat and Your Classroom Can Be Too

Learning and Teaching with Global Peers in the Flat ClassroomTM Project

Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum

November 12, 2010 8:00-9:45AM

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Session Description

What are some effective strategies for teaching and learning that prepare students to be 21st-century global leaders and enable them to communicate, collaborate, and co-create with international peers? Students at The International School of the Americas participate in the Flat ClassroomTM Project with peers from different countries around the world. Using Web 2.0 technologies including a wiki, a social bookmarking group, and an educational networking site, they researched technology trends, created multi-media projects, and shared their findings with a worldwide audience. Come hear about this project and walk away with ideas for connecting your students to the world.

Session Agenda


The International School of the Americas

Overview of 21st Century Global Leadership

Course Description

Preview of the Flat ClassroomTM Project

Flat Classroom Project website


Round One

The World is Flat and A Whole New Mind (Honor)

The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

The World is Flat 3.0 (MIT video)

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

The 3 C’s: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate (Talia)

Educational Networking (Mia)
Ning Mini for Educators (sponsored by Pearson)

Flat Classroom Project Ning
NetGenEd (Grown Up Digital) Ning
Grouply for Education (FREE)

Hargadon - Educational Social Networking

Social Bookmarking (Connor)
Diigo Educator Accounts

Multi-Media Mash-Ups (Helena)

How the video outsourcing works
All NetGenEd Project videos (organized by topic, links at bottom of page)

NetGenEd Project videos by ISA students
Flat Classroom Project videos - coming soon!

Here are the 8 Award-Winning NetGenEd videos by ISA students . . .

Round Two

The Horizon Report and Grown Up Digital (Honor)

About the Horizon Report from the New Media Consortium
2010 Horizon Report
2009 Horizon Report
Horizon Report Wiki

Grown Up Digital by Don Tapscott

Emerging Technology Trends (Talia)

Information Literacy and Research Skills (Helena)

Honor's Getting Good with Google (workshop for teachers)
Google Web Search - Lessons and Resources
Google for Educators
Google Alerts

Boolean Machine

Collaborative Writing on Wikis (Connor)

Educational Wikis

Student Summits (Mia)

Learn Central
Archive of NetGenEd Student Summits
Flat Classroom Student Summit - coming soon!

Round Three

To sign up to participate in a Flat ClassroomTM Project, visit the Flat Classroom Project website
For other ways to create global connections between classrooms, see Honor's List of Global Collaboration Projects


3 New things you learned
2 Ideas you found interesting
1 Action you plan to take

Additional Resources

One of our participants introduced us to the Global Oneness Project
Ralph Singh also shared his Stories to Light Our Way curriculum with us

Thanks so much to everyone for attending!
Let us know if we can help you take your next steps towards creating a more globally connected classroom.