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1. What is the most important concept you learned this semester? Explain the concept briefly and discuss why it is important.
The concept I have learned in this class is the importance of the web to society. As we progress through an age of technology we will only go forward and find other ways to live through the web. People claim fame through myspace, changing their lives forever. Videos can teach you the reality of the world through an unfiltered lens unlike the news we see.

2. From all the new knowledge you gained in this class, choose 2 facts or ideas that make the biggest impression on you. Explain.
I was not really surprised but more awakened when I realized how the information we learn in America is not globally accurate. We are fed information through biased media that doesnt accurately represent fact. I also learned to look deeper in to a topic instead of just using one site the whole time during working through a project.

3. What 3 skills will you take from this class, and how will you use them in the future?
3 skills I will take away from this class are the google search tips. To search for a definition you use def:whatever your looking for. To search for something within a specific site we use "" I will use these tips to do research throughout college.

4. Look at the 4 global competencies (objectives) for the course. Which objective do you feel you developed to the greatest degree?
What did you learn about that objective, how did you learn it, and why does it matter in the world?

5. What does it mean to be a global leader in the 21st century?
To be aware of what is going on in your life and your generation means you have the potential to be a global leader. The web 2.0 is prevalent in my generation so not being aware of that means that you are obviously not paying attention in your life around you. What I took out of this class is that being a global leader means to be a good citizen online. If you post something on the web, you should be sure to use the proper tags so that other people will find information easier. It is basically organizing the web so that information is accessed easier.