Communicate Ideas: Connect and Collaborate Across Boundaries

  • Recognize that diverse audiences may perceive different meanings from the same information.
  • Use appropriate language, behavior and strategies to effectively communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, with diverse audiences.
  • Select and effectively use appropriate media and technology to creatively foster communication and collaboration with diverse audiences.
  • Identify, participate in, or build networks with organizations, groups, or individuals from around the world who share common interests and goals.
  • Present findings, interpretations and implications of investigations to diverse audiences in ways that recognize and accommodate different perspectives.

Thurs., Nov. 5: Publishing Possibilities

Examime various examples of different ways you could present your ideas based on your research.
See Examples of Different Formats

Answer these questions:
  • What is the message?
  • What is the medium?
  • Why this medium?
  • How could you use this medium?
  • What steps did the creator(s) take in developing their message and communcating in through the medium?

Monday Nov. 9th: Global Perspectives

Global Proverbs: Choose one and explain why it speaks to you

How do these insights relate to global citizenship?

Wednesday Nov. 11th: The Americentric Media

TED Talk: Alisa Miller shares the news about the news

Check for the diversity of your sources

Friday Nov. 13th: Independent Work Time

Students work independently and set goals based on their research
Review resources; brainstorm possible media to use; check for match between message, audience, and purpose

Monday Nov. 30th: Preparing to Share your Knowledge

Use this template to finalize your central audience, purpose, message (medium)
Vote on favorite "I am what I learn" videos

Wednesday Dec. 2nd: Scripting and Planning

Write a script COMPLETED
Begin choosing visuals
Remember to cite sources

Friday Dec. 4th: Intellectual Property Lesson

Understanding Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons
Introduction to Creative Commons databases

Tuesday Dec. 8th: Creating or Gathering Visuals, Audio, etc.

All pictures and audio created/selected and saved

Thursday Dec. 10th: Putting it Together

Record script, assemble and piece together video files/music/voiceovers

Monday Dec. 14th: Individual Work Day

Substitute Teacher - Ms. Allen and Ms. Moorman serving on portfolio committee

Wednesday Dec. 16th: Individual Work Day

Ms. Allen and most students gone to MUNSA

Wednesday Dec. 16th: You're Done!

Projection Completion Due Date