Monday, May 12th

Watching our videos
Wiki Master List of Videos

Tuesday, May 13th-Thursday, May 15th

Your task today is to:
1) Watch the other videos in your content group (for instance 3-D printing) I have headphones!
2) Make comments on the student's Ning page for 3 videos that you believe are well done (or more if you find them)
3) Be ready to share out Wednesday the highest quality videos in your content group to the class

Friday, May 16th

Student's present their top 3 pics.

Monday, May 19-Tuesday, May 20th

Student presentations of videos

Wednesday, May 21st-Thursday, May 22nd

What did you learn in this project? Specifically respond to the following prompts and create a BLOG entry in the Flat Connections Ning and put the link to your reflection in this spreadsheet:
1. What did you learn about your topic? (for instance 3-D printing) Record this as several key points
2. How will your topic change the way we live, work, and go to school in the next 10 years?
3. What was MOST challenging about the project? (try not to make this a complain-fest)
4. What would you improve/change about the project?
5. Where do you see potential for further global collaboration in schools? (where might this be really cool?)
6. What advice would you give to future students participating in this project?

Friday, May 23rd

Students out for Field Day!

Tuesday, May 27th-Wednesday, May 28th

Ted Talk viewing and class discussion
How Technology Evolves

Thursday, May 29th

Respond to 3 BLOG posts from the FCP NING
Be ready to share out with the class your insights into other's experiences

Friday, May 30th

Each student shares an insight from another school member of the NING
Discussion of other's experiences in the project versus ours.