Monday, March 31st

Checking in with you all:
Before we start back to our work on the wiki each of you will reflect to the class the following prompts:

1) What's one thing new that you have learned from your work on the wiki? (content and process)

2) Where is your wiki-page at? (challenges and celebrations)

This is the LAST full week of work on the wiki so try to stay focused on your assigned role for the project. If you signed up to be the CONTENT EDITOR or MEDIA FOSSIKER make sure you are fulfilling those distinct roles.

Tuesday, April 1st

Continue editing the wiki-adding comments, check the NING

Listening to the teacher meeting # 6-What are the teachers concerns? Are they the same as ours?

Wednesday, April 2nd

Last day this week to EDIT the Wiki-please pay attention to the following
1) citation on the page
2) any comments you have made or received (WIKI and NING)
3) your contributions (PLEASE MAKE SOME)

Thursday, April 3rd

Video Creation Process
Viewing past videos (to build a frame of reference for your own)
Building a "storyboard" for your video (topic and sub-topic)

Friday, April 4th

Mr. Flieger's Bday!!!!
Talking through our video ideas-and topics (A MIXER!)

Monday, April 7th

Using notes from our mixer to plan filming days-
Request Outsource clip and sign up to fulfill outsource clip
Video Creation Process

Tuesday, April 8th-Thursday, April 10th

Filming Days
Have you filmed and uploaded your outsourced clip?
To save your outsource clip:
Save to Google Drive
Then download to your computer
Then go to the FCP Ning and upload video to video tab
Then go to WIKI page for outsourced request and hyperlink to video on NING

Monday, April 14th & Tuesday, April 15th

Check the Ning and Wiki for messages from your team-(We haven't done this in awhile)
Check the Wiki outsourcing page for new requests and to see if your request has been filled-if it has been go to the NING and make sure the clip works.
Begin filming our videos

Wednesday, April 16th & Thursday, April 17th

Continue filming in your "video" groups

Monday, April 21st-Thursday, April 24th

Part 1) Check the Wiki video outsourcing page to see if anyone has done your video
Part 2) Check your topic Wiki page and Ning page to see if anyone has messaged you or included you in project decisions.
Part 3) Continue filming, collecting clips

Monday, April 28th-Friday, May 2nd

This is our last full UN-INTERRUPTED class week before the madness of AP and STAAR testing begins. Your task this week is to complete your video for the class. This is your final exam and should be completed by Monday, May 5th. You will have this week to take clips and footage and then need to save time to put the video together online.

Monday, May 5th-Wednesday, May 7th

Have you posted your video to the wiki? IF NOT, do so today!!!!!!

To finalize the process, do the following:

1. Upload your video product to YOUR page on the Flat Connections NING
2. Hyperlink your video and NING page to the your project specific Wiki page: Example 2C
3. Hyperlink your video and NING page to the MASTER VIDEO LINK on the Flat Connections Wiki