Growing Up Digital

Is the Digital age making us smarter? Or more reliant and helpless without technology?
Examining some of the critiques of your generation

Tuesday, Feb. 4th

First 15 minutes pairs present/discuss the pro's and con's of their technology

Wednesday, Feb. 5th

New York Times Article
Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

Thursday, Feb. 6th-
Save the Last Word For Me

Friday, Feb. 7th-Monday, Feb. 10th
Growing Up Online
Viewing and discussion
What is relevant in this documentary?
Where do you relate to this documentary?
What questions does this documentary raise for you?

Tuesday, Feb. 11th-Wednesday, Feb. 12
Viewing and discussion

Thursday, Feb. 13th
How the Internet is changing the way we think, and learn, and teach
A Vision of Students Today
A Vision of K-12 Students Today
Discussion and assignment:
Each of you will respond the following:
How do you spend your day at school?
-In an 8 hour day, On your own document, break up and calculate how you spend the minutes and hours you are at school. Write out a typical day's activities.
For instance:
-how many times do you check your phone? how many times do you play a game on your smartphone?
-how much and how often are you engaged in class? and what are you doing when you are?

Friday, Feb. 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!
Pick 1 to 2 examples from each member of the class to begin a storyboard of your daily school routines. Does this embody: A Vision of ISA Students?

Monday, Feb. 17th

Debrief the documentaries and a vision for our seniors
Discuss if we want to construct our own video-view last years
What do you think of how you spend your days?
How has technology improved your daily lives? How has it made school seem?