Monday, February 25th

How are project aligns with Knowledgeable for Knowledge able
Discuss Wesch's talk in relation to our project.
How are the newest technologies really going to impact education?

Tuesday, February 26th

Finish making your profile on the NetGenEd Ning and "friend" the other members of your project group.
Look over the NetGenEd Wiki at your topic page and the types of information, research, and collaboration that will take place over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, February 27th

Making our class intro video!

Thursday, February 28th & Friday, March 1st

2 Objectives over the next few days:

1.Student Handshake on the NetGenEd Ning
Enter a blog entry on your Ning Home Page-The blogpost should address the following

  • What are you most excited for as you investigate your topic? (For example MOOC's)
  • What are you most excited for in the project?
  • What is something everyone should know about you? (What makes you unique?)

2. Begin your research and NetGenEd Wiki edits
  • this involves adding content, building content, citing information
  • please refer to the instructions per page for how to add content

Monday, March 4th

  • Check the Ning for any new friends.
  • See if you still have a Diigo account, sign in, and look for the NETGENED Project 2013 Group, and ask to join (say you are from ISA)
  • See if anyone has added to the NETGENED Wiki

Tuesday, March 5th-Friday, March 8th

Check the Ning for new friendships and new information.

Begin Wiki Editing Phase
  • Please read through the citing information for the wiki
  • Your task (today for a grade) is to add content to your wiki page. This can be in the form of one sentence or multiple sentences and should be properly cited (even if you are paraphrasing).
  • Think about using some of the resources you and your classmates posted to our wiki under Horizon Report Topic Pages